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Master Fighter

Tanks and metal toy soldiers 1/48th for all collectors and wargamers

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1. MF48902R

Wheels for Pacific M25 Tank Transporter Dragon Wagon
12,50 EURO TXE

2. MF48625K

French mines clearing AMX30 B2 DT Brennus in KIT
71,67 EURO TXE

3. MF48624K

French MBT AMX30 B2 Brennus in KIT
65,83 EURO TXE

4. MF48624VC

French MBT AMX30 B2 Brennus built and painted
107,50 EURO TXE

5. MF48625VC

French mines clearing AMX30 B2 DT Brennus built and painted
132,50 EURO TXE

6. MF48514K

French Armoured fighting vehicle VBCI / VPC 8x8 KIT
46,67 EURO TXE

7. MF48515K

VBCI Nexter French Armoured fighting vehicle KIT
46,67 EURO TXE

8. MF48621K

Master Fighter KIT French VLFS Special Forces Light Vehicles 1:48
48,33 EURO TXE

9. MF48620K

Master Fighter KIT French PLFS Special Forces Heavyweights 1:48
48,33 EURO TXE

10. MF48601KLOG

Kit Master Fighter 48601 French VHM LOG (BvS10) 1:48
79,17 EURO TXE

11. MF48601KRANG

Kit Master Fighter 48601 French VHM RANG (BvS10) 1:48
79,17 EURO TXE

12. MF48617K

Scale model kit Master Fighter French VBMR 6x6 Scorpion 1:48
57,50 EURO TXE

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