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Sherman M4 Early production

CODE: TAM32505
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Sherman M4 Early production

Resin kits Hauler Vickers K (GO)  

GASOLINE Kit Range Conversion for plastic kit Tracks with duckbills for Sherman  

Photo Etched Hauler Photoetched for Sherman M4 Tamiya  

Photo Etched Hauler Photoetched for Sherman M4 fenders Tamiya  

Photo Etched Hauler Photoetched for Browning M2 cal.50  

Photo Etched Hauler US tank tools  

Photo Etched Hauler Photoetched hedgerow cutter for SHERMAN M4  

Photo Etched Hauler 0,5 cal Ammo boxes  

Photo Etched Hauler U.S.Machine gun .30 M1917A1  

Photo Etched Hauler DUCKBILLS for M4 and M10 tracks  

Photo Etched Hauler British FIRE EXTINGUISHER external  

Photo Etched Hauler U.S.Machine gun .30 M1919A4  

Photo Etched Hauler British pyrene FIRE EXTINGUISHER  

Photo Etched Hauler US support jerrycans photo etched  

Photo Etched Hauler Photoetched for Sherman M4A1 Tamiya  

Photo Etched Hauler Track skids for M4 / M10 bogies Tamiya  

Conversions Hauler for Tamiya kit M4/M10 external track armor  

Photo Etched Hauler Set Sherman IC Firefly  

Photo Etched Hauler Set photo-etched British Sherman accessories Tamiya by Hauler  

Resin kits Hauler Wooden boxes  

Photo Etched Hauler US Kitbags rucksacks  

Conversions Hauler for Tamiya kit Browning M2 + photoetched  

Photo Etched Hauler Set U.S. jerrycans and holders  


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