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Armoured locomotive BR-57

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BP 42 armoured train - Armoured locomotive
A maximum of some eighty armoured trains have been operated during WWII by the German forces, mainly on the eastern front. Early 1942 arouse the concept of a polyvalent armoured train under the form of the BP 42. This new type of train owns potent artillery with AA guns along with a strong infantry capability with 118 men.
The locomotive was manufactured by Krupp in Essen whilst the wagons were made in Breslau by Linke-Hoffman. The BP 42's composition was symmetrical with the locomotive placed in the middle of it.
BR 57 locomotive:
This is the armoured variant for the BP 42 of one of the best German locomotive. When armoured with some 13 tons of steel plating the ready to roll weight was about 90 tons. The BR 57 granted the BP 42 a top speed of 60 km/h and had a range of 360 km with two 3T16.5 tenders.


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